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September 30, 2021

Haguruka joined; 15th -17th may 2019 kayonza district-open day and 24th -29th may 2019 gasabo district-open day

Haguruka joined an Open Day exhibition program to show howcase it collaborate with other organizational partners to promote justice; helping women and children to access their rights. In order for Haguruka to keep on promoting and defending the right of women and children,
it has also to make sure that its activities are known at both national and international level. It is in this context that it values to attend some exhibitions as an opportunity to speak-out how it works toward its mission; which is a potential strategy of communicating-letting the public known its day-to-day operations to create a society where the rights of women and children are respected; where women and children live free from violence and discrimination so that they can reach their potential. At this round, Haguruka has once again participated in the organized Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) open day of all development partners which took place on 15th to 17th May 2019 in Kayonza District and 24th to 29th May 2019 in Gasabo district. The Forum is aimed at coordinating activities of all development actors in order to promote coordination of efforts, efficiency, and avoid duplication of effort. Haguruka has participated in prepared exhibition since it is one JADF members as private sector; JADF members are put into three broad group; public sectors, civil societies, and private sectors. aguruka value most such an Open Day which is most known as an annual event, and for this fourth one Haguruka was intended to make the public aware of it effectively collaborate with other development partners to promote and defend the rights of women and children.  During the exhibition, Haguruka’s legal department got a chance to provide legal aid-related services to its right-holders as a way to strengthen its role of ensuring that Sector institutions get closer to citizens and citizens become aware of their rights, as well as getting informed on where to easily access justice services. And, the citizens would be aware of an establishment of transparency and accountability system, and even recognize the efforts provided in the development partners of Gasabo District.

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