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Haguruka is a Rwandan non-governmental organization, registered under Rwandan law. At Haguruka we work to empower women to access their rights and to improve access to justice across the country. Since 1991 we have been at the forefront of the fight for women’s and children’s rights. Haguruka means ‘stand up’ in Kinyarwanda- stand up for the rights of women and children.

The basis of our work toward combatting gender-based violence (GBV) and promoting gender equality is the international framework of Human Rights. We analyze the root causes of the inequality and injustice women and children are facing in Rwanda. We advocate for positive change, a life free from gender-based violence and a society where women and children can enjoy their rights.

Our team provides vital access to services for vulnerable women and children, receiving referral cases from institutions such as the National Police, the National Prosecution Services, Courts and the Local Government.

For a vulnerable person in need of representation, support, and legal aid, their journey begins by visiting one of Haguruka’s counselors in a safe space that guarantees confidentiality. They are then received by a lawyer in a similar environment, and follow-up steps are taken from there.