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Key Areas of Interventions

Legal aid and psychosocial counseling

We provide a safe, confidential space where citizens are listened to and given legal support by our lawyers and counselors in our 5 offices covering all districts of Rwanda.

Awareness-raising activities and social mobilization

We raise awareness on Gender-based violence and Human Rights through a community-based approach. We do this by informing women and girls on their rights-combatting violence against them.

Capacity building of partners and stakeholders

We provide training for local authorities, key persons in the communities, paralegals as well as citizens on GBV, GBV laws, women’s and children’s rights, land rights and succession law.


Haguruka carries out evidence-based research to identify gaps in the laws and policies to inform legal reform, which can best protect and promote the rights of women and girls.


We work with policymakers, government institutions and civil society organizations to advocate for the making and practical implementation of laws that protect women and children.
We work towards strengthening human rights through the empowerment of citizens to claim their rights and fur duty bearers to fulfill their obligations.


HAGURUKA’S Headquarters is in Kigali City. It operates regional centers in each province 

  • Musanze in Northern Province
  • Kayonza in Eastern Province
  • Nyanza in Southern Province
  • Nyamasheke in Western Province.