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Awareness raising activities and social mobilization

Haguruka recognizes that violence against women is inextricably linked to gender-based inequalities. It is in this context that Haguruka’s intervention of raising awareness focuses on women’s rights, Gender-based Violence (GBV) and human rights.

In doing this, Haguruka uses a community-based approach given that working with communities at grass-root levels is vital towards changing harmful and destructive attitudes and . As such, Haguruka emphasizes on equipping women and men to be agents of change in their respective peer groups, families and communities.

Community dialogues are one of the major platforms utilized to engage men and women in constructive discussions while empowering them with knowledge on human’s rights, women’s rights, gender equality, GBV prevention and positive masculinities. These dialogues also help couples to learn about positive approaches of resolving conflicts and nurturing peaceful homes that are free from injustice and violence.

At the same time, Haguruka works to change the paradigm of masculinity that allows for the resolution of conflict through violence. The strategy used is engaging men such as policymakers, fathers and young boys in discourse about the dynamics and consequences of violence.

Additionally, with the deep-rooted stigma around GBV, Haguruka has put every effort into breaking the silence and ensuring that the voices of women and girls are heard by creating exclusive spaces where women and girls feel physically and emotionally safe to speak out without fear of judgement or harm. These dialogue sessions also help women and girls to connect with each other on key issues and support each other for collective change.