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He dumped me after the wedding

In the Rwandese society a couple has to get married in three different places; the government wedding, the dowry and in the church. In that same order, people live together after the church wedding. For this couple, they were only married in the government. Before dowry and church wedding, the boy left the girl pregnant of one month. Nyiranizeyimana Alphonsine explained it in this way:

We went in to sign together and we agreed on sharing our legacy. We started cultivating and planting together. After a while, the boy dumped me and I was left with nothing.

She wanted to get part of her belongings but the authorities didn’t help her. she was pregnant of one month when she went to see the cell’s authorities. The authorities told the man to pay Alphonsine but he didn’t do it and he didn’t even give her child support.

 I went to a Haguruka NGO office and they helped me so much. They helped put the boy in justice, I gained my personal belongings. I receive fifteen thousand of child support every month and all I can say is that Haguruka NGO was just a work of God.

Many cases we receive are not new cases to the authorities. People start to say their injustice mostly in their cell’s administration. Most of the time, the administration helps them but they are not satisfied or they are ignored. When we receive those people, we always listen to them and we show them how we can them even better.


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