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I Have Full Control of my Life

I Have Full Control of my Life

GAHONGAYIRE Mediatrice,” before knowing Haguruka “I was a girl with no self-confidence and respect. I used to take and use some of the drugs which led me to bad behavior. I always had a conflict with my family because I did not like school and had no clear vision for my future.

Basically, during the discussion, I have come to know and realize what people call gender equality and learned about building a bright future and this had led me to figure out how I used to intervene in Gender-Based Violence, as well as knowing how other people had violated me. Through attending this session, I started to realize that there is nothing good from not having self- confident and respect, and I have come to know some drugs that I used knowing that they are not drugs and decided to leave it and prepare my future. I appreciate this program because it made me another woman with confidence and vision.










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