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Justice for Woman whose Step-Mother Refused to give her Legacy

Veronica (nickname) is a widow with 4 children. When she lost her husband in 1993, she moved back to her parent’s house. She lived with her step mother because her father had also died. Right before he died, the father stated that Veronica and all her siblings should have an equal share in his land. However, the stepmother decided that Veronica had no right to the shared land, and wanted to share the land according to her own desire.

Veronica said: “My step mother wanted to take the entire legacy that my father left for my siblings and I. Before the death of my father, he said that we should all have equal rights to our legacy. But my step mother contradicted that decision and said that I did not have rights to the legacy”.

Veronica went to the local authorities and other courts to tell them about the issue and . They also confirmed that Veronica and her siblings should have equal rights to the land. However, the stepmother was not happy with that decision and refused to apply it.

Veronica approached Haguruka, who helped and guided her through the legal process to enforce her rights. Veronica obtained her share of the land and is happy with the outcome.


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