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There’s New Hope for my Family

There’s New Hope for my Family

Nsengiyumva Innocent and Manirakiza Agnes live together for 12years and have3 of children. They had a conflict based on land and control over the harvest. Sengiyumva used to beat his wife Manirakiza if she says anything about her rights to the harvest. The couple attended the community dialogues. When Manirakiza was beaten up she was told to hide the physical rushes or say that she felt down. This couple was among the couples who were chosen to attend” Ingo z’Amahoro” program of community dialogues. Through the discussion and play role in the groups, Manirakiza shared her story and she was also excited to learn about GBV, women’s rights, and GBV laws. Nsengiyumva, on the other hand, was also touched by the lessons and asked his wife to forgive him and promised her to be equal partners in their family and they decided to legalize their marriage. When Nsengiyumva was interviewed by Johan Bergendorff, a Global Health Correspondent and journalist from Swedish Radio (Oxenstiernsgatan 20, 105 10 Stockholm at Cyuve Sector office on the civil marriage) about the cause of his behavior change.


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