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Capacity development for partners & stakeholders

Haguruka provides training on various key topics using the rights-based approach to key persons at the community level such as paralegals, duty bearers, local authorities and citizens. They are trained on topics including, but not limited to; GBV, GBV laws, women’s rights, children rights, land rights and succession laws.

More specifically, Haguruka trains associations supporting people living with AIDS on legal literacy about the rights of people living with AIDS including laws against discrimination and stigma in the labour law, inheritance law, land law, and family law among others, so that people living with AIDS can adequately claim their rights whenever they face a legal issue.

Haguruka also focuses on promoting sustainable livelihoods and improving financial situations among vulnerable teenage mothers through empowering them with life and entrepreneurship skills to start their small businesses as well as coaching and leadership skills to strengthen peer mentorship along the process.