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Awareness raising activities and Social Mobilization

ENGAGING Girls on Prevention off Gender-Based Violence, Understand Sexual and Reproductive Health, Women’s Rights, Self-Confidence, Decision Making, and Planning for the Better Future.

“What we have been tough based on the sex orientation can lead to a huge change and new appearance. None was born with powerlessness, live for being oppressed, or oppressing others, but we learn them from others’ where we’re mandated to do it as a mast. We need to change

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Information Session on Rukeratabaro case: Justice Without Reparation, Trivialization of the Principle of Equity

“The lawsuit yes, and after …”? The community of Mururu survivors welcomes the appeal judgment in Sweden of Theodore Rukeratabaro alleged genocide of the former commune Cyimbogo in southwestern Rwanda; but wonders the rest after the judgment. Thus salutes the justice rendered, while worrying about the repair to render equity.

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HAGURUKA cooperatively with RLMUA (Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority) are putting into practice a project entitled “capacity development in land administration” which is being sponsored by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). In connection with this project aimed to “enhance sustainable, efficient, and reliable land administration in Rwanda, as

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Community Dialogues on land administration in Ngoma District

Haguruka, along with RLMUA (Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority) and in partnership with Lantmateriet (funded by SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), is implementing a project entitled “Capacity Development in Land Administration” in Ngoma District. This project aims to raise awareness of citizens about land law, using community

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