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Reducing Gender-Based Violence in Schools

From October 2012, Haguruka has implemented a project entitled “Operation Day’s Work” (ODW) in partnership with Plan International Rwanda. This project has covered 21 secondary schools in Bugesera district and 29 secondary schools in Gatsibo district.

This project has produced good results. Training sessions, clubs and activities have been provided to young students to educate them on the different laws setting out the rights of children and young people.

The main objective of ODW was to raise awareness about children’s rights and to give young people the confidence to speak out about their rights, with a view to ending gender-based violence in schools.

ODW’s activities were concluded with the “Inter-clubs tournament” event which took place on 10th June 2016 at the East Land Hotel in Kayonza. Students from many schools gathered, and the tournament evaluated to what extent these young students were aware of their rights and how to handle violations of their rights.

At this ceremony, the representative of Plan International-Rwanda thanked the participants and Haguruka. He said that the clubs will continue to hold activities and urged the students to continue standing up for their rights at schools and at home.

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