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International Organisations

Haguruka has been operating in Rwanda since 1991 in partnership with national and international non-governmental organizations that promote women and children’s right. Haguruka also collaborates closely with the Government at central and local level participating in promotion and protection of women and children’s right.

The definition of the mission, and objectives of Haguruka, it offers a wide space in its daily activities in favor of women and children as well as in general. This multi-sectorial related to the rights of women and children allowed Haguruka to have different partners and opportunities to collaborate with them in the different areas of intervention:

PLAN INTERANTIONAL : Haguruka partnered with Plan International to think of more dynamic ways to combat the challenges of early and unwanted pregnancies among the teenage girls.

USAID : HAGURUKA-NGO in partnership with USAID Rwanda LAND Project conducted an assessment to review and analyze primary court judgment and Maison d’Accès à la Justice (MAJ)/legal assistance providers’ legal guidance in relation to women’s property and land rights in Rwanda

RCN J&D : In partnership with Haguruka, both RCN J&D and Haguruka are currently implementing a project that aims to facilitate the understanding of Rwandans to participate in genocide trials on the basis of universal jurisdiction. It also promote the integration of the contributions of these trials in the memory of the genocide justice in the country

EU : Haguruka in Partnership with EU/LAF Provides legal service and legal literacy to the detainees/prisoners

TROCAIRE : Haguruka partnered with TROCAIRE to address the implementation gap of the National GBV policy especially towards referrals of GBV survivors to access appropriate services and receive follow up care. Haguruka provided capacity building trainings to haguruka’s paralegals, local authorities, local representatives, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on the Rwanda GBV legal framework and available GBV services, referral structures/mechanisms and procedures to follow

CMM/LANDESA : Haguruka partnered with CMM/LANDESA to increase legal literacy and respect for women’s land and property rights and to facilitate participatory and inclusive management of women’s intro and inter-household land and property rights disputes