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Johan Bergendorff Visited Haguruka Musanze Center to access and appreciate Haguruka’s contributions in protecting and promoting women and children’s rights.

On October 25, 2018, Haguruka was visited by Johan Bergendorff, a Global Health Correspondent and journalist from Swedish Radio (Oxenstiernsgatan 20, 105 10 Stockholm). The purpose of the visit was to access and appreciate Haguruka’s roles in promoting and protecting women and children’s rights. Portion of the visit, the Journalist visited different places to understand and get insights on Haguruka’s activities towards improving rights of women and children especially access to justice services for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) victims. The visitor was accompanied by Haguruka National Executive Secretary, Ninette Umurerwa to better provide enough information and respond to visitor’s questions. The visit was impressive to an extent where the Journalist expressed his sincere appreciation to Haguruka for promoting equal rights and duties for both gender in the economic, judicial, and social-cultural field.  

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