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Justice Caravan in Kayonza District

From this month of April 2019, Haguruka in parthernship with RCN J&D has prepared and is conducting Justice Caravan in Kayonza district, Murama sector, Rusave cell, in Mbarara village. Adding to RCN J&D staff, the main guests included the Haguruka NGO staff, the JRLOS employees, as well as Kayonza district administration.

Mainly, this Caravane Jurdique’s intention was to remind the population of Kayonza about their rights, to help them to be able for preventing and avoiding any kind of sexual violence, and to put a closure to different pending court-cases.

Thus, within this context, after that the audience watched a theatre which encompassed the human rights, the measures for preventing and avoiding any kind of sexual harassment, the strategies for saving by avoiding bank Lambert, and how to fairly end lawsuits; the present citizens who had problems were helped.

Basically, some audience who had lingering problems were free to ask, and they have got helpful Response. Besides, the audience was promised the advocacy in terms of laws.

During the session also, twenty files were created for 20 citizens whom their problems were not possible to be solved immediately. On the other side, 40 citizens who had problems related to the taxes which are often charged by their village got the immediate responses. This was due to the fact that these citizens were not aware of what happens when what the land was assigned for changes. This implies that in such case, the citizens have to abide with what the laws present in regards to the changes made, once it is approved by the district council.

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