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“Before attending this refresher training, it’s true that the majority of farm managers were not sure that equality at workplace is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy same rewards, resource and opportunity regardless of gender”. Said by an attendee of the training, a farm manager.

Haguruka in collaboration with HIVOS Foundation, a global partnership of actors aiming to improve a labor practice for women in horticulture sector, is implementing a project namely “State Accountability for Corporate Violations”, which contributes in building decent workplaces by ensuring sustainable improvement in working condition for women working in horticulture sector in Rwanda.  Through this project, women workers directly benefit from improvement of wage, hourly earnings, working hours and overtime, access to social protection and maternity right, as well as to improved women’s leadership.

It is in this context that for Haguruka partnered with HIVOS’s women at work campaign has prepared and fruitfully conducted one-day refresher training for farm managers and Human Resource managers on International Labour Organization (ILO) core convention, new Rwandan Labor Law as per changed in 2018 and related policies. The training took place on Monday 23rd July 2019 in Kigali city at St Vince Parotti-Gikondo from 8: 00 am to 15:00 pm.

To ensure that both farm managers and Human Resource managers have mastered well the training content, the two main objectives were put into place; (1) participants understand and familiarize themselves with the National Labor Laws and ILO core convention in horticulture sector; and (2) organization of workers and negotiation skills. For Haguruka to well attain such objectives, different raining methodology have been used; brainstorming, presentations, group discussions and use of real-life case studies. Also, the participants were given a chance to share their day-to-day working experience in terms of challenges in order to learn from one another and set a clear course of action to overcome challenges together.

The training was so essential and fruitful since Haguruka has attained its expected training outcome/results. It could be realized that the training objectives were successfully met, and they have helped the farm managers and human resource manager to really understand on how to keep improving the livelihood of women by promoting a living wage for workers, protecting workers from sexual and gender-based violence, improving occupational health and safety at the workplace, facilitating access to reproductive and health rights at workplace, developing the capacities for worker’s representation, as well as promoting workers to participate in decision making at the workplace.

“It’s fact that we as farm managers and our colleagues, HR managers, we’re so thankful for being here gaining these useful skills and knowledge which are going to help us be able to well deliver quality services at the workplaces. We’re going to put into practice what we have learned, especially on what we have understood about the new National Labor Law as per changed in 2018, gender laws, policies and the ILO core labor standards. Also, we will sensitize to the rest of responsible people more on employee rights government women who work in the horticulture sector”. A participant and Human Resource managed shared his experience after attending the training session.

|Social security, fundamental principles, and right at workplace are insuperable, interrelated and mutually supportive|

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