This story is about a woman who had been severely wounded by her husband using a spear

This woman separated with her husband in 1997 due to a very severe injury she suffered caused by her husband. She ran away and returned to her parents. But her mother could not let her come back home because of what the Son in-law had done.

One day she met her former Primary School teacher who had become a judge by then and narrated whole story to him. He legally advised l her that if she went to court and reported the case, her mother back home would give her part of her inheritance share (a plot of land) because as a girl she was entitled to inherit from her parents as per Rwandan law on succession and matrimony, and she indeed got her inheritance

In 2007, she went to court to officially file for divorce, the court granted it and they divided the property between her and the husband. After wards, her little brother tried to corrupt the local authorities during the registration process where all the property that was given to her by her family was registered to his brother and also the property she had owned after divorce was granted, became again the husband’s property due to corrupt leaders.

Later, she went to HAGURUKA and explained what had happened. Haguruka’s lawyer called the executive of the sector, and asked him about the case. The executive explained that the case was known but he didn’t understand it well, that was the reason why he decided to call other authorities to work on it quickly. She was informed about the day of the meeting and went at the sector’s office, but the family accused her of abandoning her children, and an order was given to divide the whole property between her brother, her ex- husband and children.

Afterwards the local authorities reported her to the police station accusing her of harassing and violating children’s rights. She was convicted to 18 years in prison and they were hiding her dossier/file. Because of HAGURUKA’s involvement in her legal issue, providing her with a lawyer who represented her in court for free, she was able to get back all her property, though the authorities due to corruption were not happy to see justice prevail, she is extremely happy to have received her property back, and she is so appreciative of the support GAGURUKA provided.