Musabyimana veronica is a widow with 4 children. When she lost her husband in 1993, she went back to her parent’s house. She was living with her step mother because her father died also. Right before he died, the father said that all the siblings should have equal rights on the land. The step mother decided that Veronica has no right to the shared land. The step mother wanted to share the land the way she wanted and desired.
“What my step mother wanted to take our entire legacy that our father left for us. Before the death of my father, he said that we should all have equal rights on our legacy. But my step mother contradicted that decision and said that I don’t have rights to the legacy” Said by Veronica
Miss Veronica didn’t appeal the decision of her step mother. She went to the local authorities and others courts to tell them about the issue and they also confirmed that they should have equal right on the land as siblings. The step mother was not happy with that decision and refused to apply it.
Veronica decided to join Haguruka where she was advised to bring all papers as supporting proofs. Haguruka helped and guided so that she can be able to get justice. Miss Veronica got her own land and she is happy. Haguruka support vulnerable woman and children in terms of providing legal aid and mentally .Haguruka also raise awareness about laws and justice because they need to know their rights and ways of claim it.