When you get married normally you are expected to have children. The woman we are about to talk in this article spent many years in a marriage unfortunately she was not able to have children. The woman consulted the witch who told her that she will get pregnant only if her younger sister who is still a virgin is raped by the woman’s husband. One day, the sister (nicknamed Maria) came to visit the married couple and they locked her in the house. She was raped everyday by the husband of her own older sister for over three weeks. This girl tried to call for help but nobody didn’t help her because people thought that it was a mental disabled person.
“She was married for a long time and she couldn’t have children. So they lied to her that I am the answer. When I went to visit her, she locked me in the same room with her husband to rape me. I tried to call for help but nobody rescued me and nobody even cared because she told the neighbors that I am mental disabled person and that she will take me to the hospital” Maria said.
After 3 weeks, the young girl managed to escape and after she tried to report that family before the court but no one trusted her. She was pregnant and she couldn’t find help.
“When I escaped, I didn’t really know where I was going. I was rescued by an old lady who took me to the police. All they did was to ask for my telephone number that they will call me later. I have waited for more than two months. I went there to ask the progress of my case and they told me that my case was closed. By chance, I talked to another woman about the violence I had, and that who told me about Haguruka. When I went at Haguruka, they understood me and immediately they brought me an advocate who helped me in the court. I didn’t pay anything because Haguruka paid everything. They understood me and showed me that I was not alone” Maria said
This woman got justice she deserved. The rapist was sentenced for five years in jail with three million Rwandan francs for damages. The young lady is living with her kid and she is happy even if she cannot forget what happened to her but at least she was helped.