Setting up her own Sibling in order to give birth

The story is about a young girl who was raped by the husband of her elder sister who got married but never gave birth. The older sister decided to consult witchcraft so that she could give birth; the latter told her that her husband should have sex with her virgin sister or sister-in-law in order to give birth. One time, when her sister –in-law went to pay her a visit, she was put in the same room with the husband of her sister who raped her for three consecutive weeks and eventually this young girl got pregnant. As she tried to cry out so that neighbors could intervene and rescue her, her elder sister-in-law told the entire neighborhood concocting how the young girl had gone nuts, waiting to be taken to psychiatric hospital of Ndera.

Due to routine rape encounters with the brother-in law, she had succumbed to that awful situation, not because she enjoyed it, but she had no hopes of being rescued.
One time, the young girl tried to distract them so that she could escape and run away. She went and found herself in a place she didn’t know. Fortunately enough she found (a Good Samaritan) a mother who saved her and took her to the police station, and the police sent her to the prosecution authority where they asked her to leave the phone number so that they could inform her about the progress of the case. Two months passed without being informed about the progress of her case and she decided to go back to the prosecution authority, they finally told her that the file had been closed.

Later on, the Samaritan woman came back at her home and she narrated to her the whole story; finally the woman told this girl about an organization called Haguruka which could intervene in her problem. After having heard about Haguruka, the girl decided to go there. Arriving at Haguruka, she met HAGURUKA Paralegal who received her, calmed her down and told her that they were going to find her a lawyer who would represent her in court, and told that all court expenses and lawyer’s honorarium will be paid by Haguruka.

Date for hearing in Court was set by the court which was on the 29th, but to her dismay, on that particular date 29th, she was told that the hearing was concluded on the 28th, and it was not concluded in her favor. When her lawyer arrived, he also found out that the hearing was held one day before the given date which was illegal. The lawyer started arguing and the court decided to resume the trial and fixed another date, the court also decided that her child should have a DNA test. Haguruka did not cease to care about her till the judgment was rendered and she won the case.

Even though she won the case, damages ordered by the court were not proportional to the harm suffered and even to the money spent on a lawyer. Haguruka decided to appeal against the decision of the Primary Court: The appellate court ruled in favor of the claimant and held that she was to get the damages equal to 3,600,000 Rwf and five years of imprisonment for the convicted contrary to 500,000 Rwf that had been decided by the Primary Court.

The court’s decision had been taken in 2014 but till now neither damages nor the punishment has been respected.