Vision and Mission of Haguruka NGO


Contributing to the creation of a society where children, women and men’s rights are equal and respected for a sustainable development.


Promotion and protection of women and children’s rights (boys and girls) using international and national legal frameworks and policies through research and advocacy, capacity building of partners, social mobilization of communities, provision of psycho-social, legal and judiciary services partnership with relevant stakeholders including beneficiaries and media.

The Association has a mission to defend woman and child’s rights, mainly :

- Promote equal rights for both sexes in the economical, legal, social-cultural and political spheres conforming to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and others International Instruments relating to human rights and Rwandan legislation in the matter.

- Promote the implementation of the International Convention in Rwanda that relate to child’s rights and support all activities aimed to obey this convention ;

- Support activities aimed to sensitise woman about her responsibilities, her rights and her value in society as well as support activities aimed to prepare and encourage her to participate actively in the administration at the local, national and international levels ;

- Participate actively to the elimination of all forms of discrimination against woman ;

- Encourage woman and girls to pursue primary, secondary and university education ;

- Advocate for woman and child in political decision-making organs, all kinds of National non Governmental Organisations, political parties, religious confessions and all bilateral and multilateral cooperation ;

- Support the Associations, projects and all activities aimed at promoting girls, woman and child by way of advice, financial and technical support

- Research, analyse and denounce causes to the problems encountered by women, girls and child so that appropriate solutions can be found.