Child Protection

Since its creation, HAGURUKA is committed to defend and protect the rights of children against all forms of violence and abuse; therefore, In partnership with PLAN RWANDA, HAGURUKA NGO is implementing the Operation Day’s Work (ODW) Project in BUGESERA and GATSIBO districts.
The program activity is mainly target youth between 13-19 years with a special focus on girls (all trainings/activities have an equal number of girls and boys).
Activities done:
-  Children have been trained on child rights
The main objective of the training is to help child to know her/his rights through the International Convention on child rights, Rwandan child protection Law, play a role in child rights protection and transferring the knowledge got from the training to other children through created clubs.

-  Child rights clubs have been created in different schools
-  Acquired skills and knowledge have been cascaded the to their peers (children) and parents

In partnership with PLAN RWANDA, HAGURUKA NGO implemented the Project in Bugesera and Gatsibo districts called: “Engaging CSOs and children/youth into advocacy in child protection and participation in Rwanda”.
The overall goal of the project is to empower civil society as well as children and youth to make duty-bearers more accountable in fulfilling the protection and participation rights of children.
The purposes of the project are the following:
-  Enhanced capacities of children, youth and CSOs to achieve more dialogue and engagement with government to fulfill children/youth rights to protection and participation in Rwanda.
-  Local Child protection reporting and complaints mechanisms are reinforced within Gatsibo and Bugesera districts and government is supported to reinforce the laws and policies in the country.
-  Peace building and reconciliation initiatives are integrated in Plan programming.
● Activities done
- Training in child participation techniques, communications, CRC, ACWRC, and protection for CSOs, children/youth, local government representatives and Children’s Rights Observatory
- Training in project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation for HAGURUKA and other 20 members of the CRC and ACWRC coalition/committee
- Translate and develop 300 copies in child friendly format the CRC, ACWRC and integrated child policy and disseminate them
- Development and dissemination of child-friendly materials in the local language on child participation and protection
- Training of media on child rights
- Training of youth/child in using mass media and forming youth journalists
- Conduct sensitizations campaigns on children protection
- Awareness raising of parents and children/youth and communities child protection committees and dissemination of CRC and integrated child development policy
- Training of families in child protection issues, measures and mechanisms
- Development of a monitoring system to measure the progress and effectiveness of current child protection mechanisms in Gatsibo and Bugesera Districts
- Support girls and boys to elect child protection ambassadors at Gatsibo and Bugesera districts to collaborate with the community child protection committees