Research and publications

The HAGURUKA N.G.O conducts studies about the situation of women and children’s rights. The results of those studies allow HAGURUKA to conduct campaigns of advocacy in collaboration with other people who intervene. It also works with the media and uses newspapers, leaflets and brochures to inform the general public about human rights, women and children’s rights as well as dissemination of news laws and policies.

Manuals on legal matters: matrimonial regimes, liberalities and succession; organization, functioning and competence of courts; civil, commercial, social and administrative procedures; penal procedure; organization, functioning and competence of the mediation committee; a manual for paralegals.

Here are some of studies and publications done:

● Study on the implementation and impact of Law No. 22/99 regarding matrimonial regimes, gifts and inheritance rights of women in Rwanda
● Study on Rwandan women and access to justice (Umunyarwandakazi mu miburanishirize y’imanza z’imbonezamubano, iz’ubucuruzi, iz’umurimo n’ iz’ubutegetsi)
● Study on the phenomenon of cohabitation in Rwanda
● The investigation into the vile and indecent assault of women and children
● Casebook under the civil, commercial, social, and administrative matters concerning women
● Evidence and presentation of evidence in court (ibimenyetso mu manza n’itangwa ryabyo)
● Organization, procedure and jurisdiction of the courts (Imiterere, imikorere n’ububasha by’inkiko mu Rwanda)
● Civil Cases concerning women
● Organization, functioning of mediation committee
● Case law on the woman and the child
● Civil Cases concerning women;
● Women and Property
● Women and Criminal Procedure
● Women’s Right to property