Training & Raising Awareness

The activity of conducting awareness sessions for people living with HIV/AIDS on their rights was on law No 47/2001 on 18/12/2001 on prevention, suppression and punishment of the crime of discrimination, SGBV law. They were also sensitized on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as some article 11 of the constitution of the Republic of Rwanda. These sensitizations had helped people living with HIV/AIDS to create awareness of rights and how they can access equitable justice.

This activity started from 2009 with SPIU funding. Haguruka was able to cover almost the whole country with her branches in partnership RRP+,we were able to train different associations and also offered legal advice , and where possible we did advocacy for them where issues were complicated.

These activities had great impact on people living HVI who were traumatized they did not need legal advice only, but also needed psychological counseling