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Study Tour to Rwanda Women Network Safe Space to Gain Experience in Developing and Running Community Space


In partnership with TROCAIRE, HAGURUKA is implementing a project aiming at Supporting Trócaire Women’s Empowerment partners to have a comprehensive framework for contributing to women’s participation in decision making. The project is implemented in five (5) districts namely Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, Nyanza of southern Province and Rulindo, Gakenke of Nothern Province.

Thus, in reference to this afore background, within this April, 2019, Haguruka NGO in partnership with Trocaire conducted a study tour in two different districts so as to learn more about women safe space. In fact, the two districts visited are namely Rubavu of the western province and Musanze of the northern province. Structurally, the study tour reached Rubavu and Musanze districts especially where Rwanda women’s network (RWN) is implementing its activities about women’s space only. The outcomes of the study tour were more of having a clear understanding of what is women only spaces, having an increased understanding of how women only spaces are established and how they operate, having an experience about different effective strategies, methodologies, tools and activities for capacity building and empowerment of women only spaces, as well as having enhanced skills in engaging women and girls in their empowerment journey and how they can advocate for various issues that affect their lives.

Haguruka NGO in partnership with Trocaire is planning to proceed this study tour in other different districts, and it will be organized in collaboration with Rwanda Women’s network whose fundamental component is to ensure the provision of community mobilization spaces for women, including facilitating women through these community spaces to connect with other women on key issues and support each other for a collective change.

Hence, the results will help Trocaire partners to boost their expertise in developing and running community spaces which will facilitate women through a process of awareness of their rights and support them to claim them. Additionally, within this process it is expected to improve skills about the establishment and management of women spaces only as well as acquiring methodologies, strategies and tools that will help while empowering Women gathering in women’s only spaces.

All in all, Haguruka NGO hopes to also conduct a study for understanding the factors that lead to low women representation in decision making position from informal to the formal sector.

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