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The 20th General Assembly of Haguruka NGO

Haguruka held its 20th General Assembly on 16th January 2016, 24 years after its creation. The aim of this general assembly was to celebrate what Haguruka has achieved, and to plan future activities.In her welcome speech, the Chairperson of Haguruka, Monique MUNYANKINDI, started by thanking all members for their unconditional support and work in assisting Haguruka to attain its objectives, particularly those of defending the rights of women and children.The guest of honor Mrs Christiane, who represented the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, thanked Haguruka for its achievements over the 24 year since its creation. In particular, she praised Haguruka for its efforts to prevent gender based violence and defend the rights of women and childrent. Mrs. Christiane stated that the Minister appreciated Haguruka’s contribution to GBV prevention, and confirmed that the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) wishes to continue to work together with Haguruka.

Among their many achievements,Haguruka has played a significant role in supporting GBV victims by providing legal aid support, representation, accompaniment to court, legal briefs, mediation on land disputes, and advocacy in different institutions. All these services are provided for free. Beyond this, Haguruka has conducted several campaigns and training sessions on different laws, with the aim of increasing the awareness of the population about the laws.

During this general assembly meeting, Haguruka took the opportunity to shows its members its strategic five year plan (2016 to 2020) and others new policies including the Personal Manual, Accounting Manual, and Procurement Manual.

Haguruka will continue and strengthen its activities in order to prevent gender based violence in Rwanda.

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