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Haguruka, in partnership with Kvinna Till Kvinna, is implementing a project entitled “Ingo z’amahoro”. The Ingo z’Amahoro project aims to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of partners and stakeholders with regards to legal frameworks pertaining to gender-based violence, available services, referral structures and procedures to follow.

Haguruka officially launched this project by conducting a training session for duty bearers and service providers in Gasabo district including District Officials, Executive Secretaries at sector and cell level, and the National Police. The aim of this training was to raise awareness among local authorities and service providers about women’s rights and laws regarding gender-based violence and to increase the capacity of local authorities to understand, apply and harmonize legal frameworks in these areas.

The two-day training assembled leaders including a representative of the Mayor of Gasabo, cell leaders, a representative of the army, police officers in charge of gender-based violence, and church representatives. Haguruka also invited the participants that will play a key role in supporting and collaborating with community volunteers. The training provoked plenty of thought and much-needed discussion.

During the three years over which the project will be implemented, Haguruka will work with role model families and youth volunteers to educate families and youth on peaceful methods of resolving conflicts among couples and peers. With the help of transformed individuals, citizens will have good examples of united families and it will be easier for them to see that it is possible to change their behavior and build peaceful homes. Through training, youth volunteers will gain the capacity to raise awareness of gender-based violence, and will be better able to advocate for its prevention within their respective peer groups.

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