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Training on Gender Sensitivity in Land Governance and Laws Regarding Land Matters as Well as Land Use and Planning in The Northern Province

“Openly, it was a great challenge for us, district officials, to handle some land-related issues like succession and expropriation in the public interest as the main issues we encounter in our daily activity”. RUTAGENGWA Alexis, a participant, shared the experience before starting the training. Interconnectedly, it is in this regard that Haguruka-NGO in partnership with RLAMUA (Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority) prepared and implemented training under the project entitled “Capacity Development in Land Administration” which is financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperative Agency through Lantamäteriet. The training programs were dedicated to the Northern Province District officials who were trained in the two (2) intakes of two days (2) each.

The training took place in Musanze District at Fatima Hotel from 6th to 7th December 2018 (for the first intake) and 13th to 14th December 2010 (for the second intake), and the hosted district was Burera, Gakenke, Gicumbi, Musanze, and Rulindo. This training aimed at increasing the capacity of district officials to understand, apply and harmonize legal framework, governing land rights and laws regarding land matters and raising awareness among local authorities and service providers regarding women’s land rights and laws regarding land matters. As mentioned above, the training was carried out in 2 intakes of two days each and all attendees were based in the Northern Province. In details, both rounds were attended by 74 Executive secretaries (ES) and 4 Directors (or delegates) of One-Stop Centers. Among the 74 ES at sector level only 9 were women and the remaining ones were of course men. And, out of 4 attended Directors of One-Stop Centers, only 1 was a woman and the remaining 3 were men.

The training content or courses were divided into four categories. Those chapters include “introduction to land law”, “principles, rights, and obligation pertaining to land”, “land administration”, and “land dispute use”. To ensure that the District officials are acquiring relevant skills, a combination of training methods have been used. As a matter of fact, before tackling each topic, the trainer asked questions to the participants to assess what they already knew, then they also intervened in giving the right answers and elaborate more on the topics. After lecture’s presentation, they were also group discussion and real-life case studies which led them to figure out their daily working challenges and see measures of how they can handle them. Moreover, the training was delivered in both English and Kinyarwanda language by the hired trainer; Advocate MUGENGANGABO Jean Nepomuscene who was facilitated by Eng.UWIHOREYE MUKARAGE Jean Baptiste and RUTAGENGWA Alexis (Head of Land Use Planning, Surveying and Mapping Department at RLAMUA).

The training sections were productive for both trainer and trainees. The district officials have been equipped with adequate skills and knowledge which will help them to handle different land-related issues. As much as fact, the Executive Secretary of Musanze District and training participants, said that “this training was very important and needed since I came to know and realize the differences between freehold title and land lease. And, I have decided to go and share the knowledge with my fellow authorities especially the inferiors”.


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