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Training Haguruka’s 12 paralegals, 160 local authorities; 80 Executive Secretaries & 80 Chairpersons of the land committees both at cell level from Rubavu District on Land Governance and Laws Regarding Land Matters.

“Before attending these training sessions, I wasn’t informed about the new land land, and it was also a big challenge for me to understand some of the land law terminologyoies, different rights and obligations attached to land, as well as roles and duties of organizations involved in land administration”. MUKARWEGO Annonciata, a paralegal from Kanama Sector shared her understanding about laws regarding land matters before attending the training program.

It was in that context Haguruka-NGO partnered with RLAMUA (Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority) has prepared and implemented pieces of training in Rubavu District under the project entitled “Capacity Development in Land Administration” financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperative Agency (SIDA) through Lantamäteriet.

Haguruka organized and conducted a refresher training for its 12 paralegals in Rubavu District on land governance and laws regarding land matters from 21st to 22nd February 2019 at Western Mountain Hotel. After training the paralegals, they were provided with simplified legal guide booklets on the land law which will facilitate them to resolve land challenges/issues at community level. With the same training content, Haguruka has once more organized and conducted pieces of training, from 01st to 02nd, 06th to 07th, and 08th to 09th March respectively at Western Mountain Hotel, for 160 local authorities; 80 Executive Secretaries and 80 Chairpersons of the land committees in Rubavu district.

On the whole, the training program was effectively prepared and conducted since it can be recognized that it served as a chance for the participants to learn and understand more about individual Land Tenure, Freehold Title, Land Lease, Expropriation, Land Inspection, and etc. As a matter of fact, MUKARWEGO Annonciata, Haguruka’s paralegal from Kanama Sector, has announced that she strongly believes that after receiving the pieces of training they are committed to performing their daily responsibility effectively, as well as engaging themselves in sensitizing their fellow citizens to abide by the land law and related regulations, as well developing a habit to register all land-related transactions.

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