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Training on Rwandas GBV legal framework, GBV services, referral structures and procedures to follow

The training workshop was organized by HAGURUKA in partnership with TROCAIRE took place from December, 21-22, 2017 at Nyanza Heritage Hotel. It was intended to increase the knowledge and awareness of opinion leaders on Gender Based Violence and available prevention and management laws and policies in Rwanda.

The training workshop was officially opened by vice mayor in charge of social affairs in Nyanza District. She welcomed all participants and asked them to get enough knowledge and skills from the training by actively and religiously participating in the training. She also advised participants to develop the action plan on how they will implement what they learn from the training.

The training session covered, Concept of GBV, forms/Types, Types of Gender Based violence, Causes GBV, Consequences of Gender based violence, Rwanda GBV Legal Framework, Referral pathways and services provided to GBV victims. In the end of the training participants developed an action plan on how to strategically prevent GBV in Nyanza District. Participants engaged themselves to sensitize on GBV prevention, awareness rising on services offered to a victim, especially at ISANGE ONE STOPP CENTRE

Group discussion on different types of Gender Based Violence

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