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During the month of July and the month of August, Haguruka in partnership with Kvinna Till Kvinna conducted a training of a group of 25champions in the district of Musanze and the district of Gasabo. The National Executive Secretary of Haguruka; Ninette Umurerwa opened the training along with representative of Kvinna Till Kvinna. The Participants included: cell leaders, youth committee at cell and sector level, women council at cell level, friends of families (inshuti z’umuryango) and Haguruka paralegals in two working sectors in Musanze district. 

This training highlighted on the Gender Base Violence prevention through adopting peaceful methods of resolving family conflicts such as open communication and discussion of different issues in families. Training used illustration theaters to imitate some ideas found in the booklets which will be used during community dialogues. The trained couples and youth will be the one to train the community. During the training, the participants were also taught to recognize the Gender Base Violence, study some of the GBV laws and referral procedures.


One of the problem that the participants talked about was that the gender base violence that is happening in the families is mostly influenced by cultures beliefs. In Rwanda, women should always respect their husband and the husband is always the one to take decisions every time. That leads to many domestic violence because whenever a woman want to make a change, they always end up beaten and violated. Many of the participants said that the training helped them realize they have been abusing their wives without knowing.

Participants committed to change their own behavior before changing others. They also have hope to be agent of change in their community and are happy to help their fellow community neighbors. They will facilitate community dialogues in their respective areas and will be closer to the couples that need support most. The next session will be with the community during community dialogues and the champions will be the ones to help Haguruka to teach them the GBV law and GBV prevention.




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