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US Delegation visit to Haguruka’s office in Kayonza District

On Thursday 15th October 2015, Haguruka staff and the “Promoting Peace Project” Team had the pleasure of receiving a US Delegation composed of Mrs Erica (the US Ambassador in Rwanda), Mr. Adam (staff member of US Senate) and members of USAID.

This delegation visited the CRPs and project beneficiaries and had the opportunity to hear their testimonies . Ninette Umurerwa, the Haguruka National Executive Secretary, welcomed the visitors and explained the mission and objectives of Haguruka. She thanked the delegation for funding the “Promoting Peace” project and recommended the extension of the project due to its importance to the Rwandan population.

After her speech, followed the testimonies from CRPs (five CRPs attended the meeting; Rose, Jane, Busingye, Therese and Claudine). Their testimonies reflected the significant changes they have witnessed in the community as a result of improved land dispute management. Two beneficiaries (DUKUZUMUREMYI Jean Baptiste and MUTIHEBA Florence) described how their land conflicts were peacefully resolved.

This meeting was a great success for the “Promoting Peace” project because our visitors were impressed by the testimonies from CRPs and beneficiaries and the achievements that had been made.

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