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Validation Meeting on Preliminary Assessment of Justice Chain and Attentions Routes Dealing with GBV and their roles at District and Sector level

Matter-of-factly, the problem of gender base violence (GBV) is a worldwide concern. International community urges all actors to take all necessary steps to ensure the eradication of GBV. The government of Rwanda is well ranked for the effort of promotion of Gender. Especially Rwanda has a framework of GBV protection. To be effective, the performance is not only done by the Government but also by the CSOs.

Thus, in collaboration with USAID-Duteze Imbere Ubutabera (DIU) through Chemonics International, Haguruka is implementing a 3-year Access to Justice Activity entitled Duteze Imbere Ubutabera (DIU). The objective of DIU is to: (1) Improve judicial effectiveness in both formal court mechanisms and community justice (Abunzi); and, (2 Improve public understanding of judicial system processes and legal rights.

In the same line, it has been initiated the present research on a preliminary assessment of Justice chains and attention routes dealing with GBV and their roles at District level.

This study showed that laws and policies related to GBV victim effective access to justice exist and clearly assign the role and obligation for each intervening institution. Within the selected Districts.  GBV service providers are in place. The population of the study was composed by diverse service providers and the study used samples for quantitative and qualitative study. With regards to findings there is a noticeable commitment to all service providers. However, organizations providing services to GBV victims, their working relations need the improvements in terms of information and data gathering. Furthermore, it was revealed that some financial issues prevent the effective access to Justice by GBV victims.  Lastly, the facilitations for civil cases and   the issue of GBV Victims full reparation still uncertain.

It’s against this background that on 12th July 2019 at High-Land Suites Hotel-Kigali, Haguruka held a meeting to validate the above assessment along with the “Cross-Cutting Module on Gender and Gender-Based Violence Referral System”. This module was developed to address gaps showcased by the findings report and put into practice some of the recommendation of the Preliminary Assessment. The attendees to the meeting were mainly some government institutions (especially justice sectors & Gender Monitoring Office-GMO), development partners, and other international and local human rights-based organizations dealing with GBV issues.

After presentation of both preliminary assessment and drafted module by the consultants, all the attendees were given enough time to react on them by giving their opinion in terms of comments, supplements, recommendation on what should be changed/or edited, and even appreciations over the delivered presentations.

Haguruka appreciated all given comments and interventions from participants which were to be taken into consideration while effectively refining the research findings and putting in practice all course actions to well attain the objectives of the baseline.

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