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Vision and Mission


A society where the rights of women and children are respected; where women and children live free from violence and discrimination so that they can reach their full potential.


We promote and defend the rights of women and children.


  • Promote equal rights and duties for both genders according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), international conventions and pacts ratified by Rwanda, and Rwandan legislation.
  • Promote the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC).
  • Actively work to eradicate all forms of discrimination against women.
  • Educate, inform and empower women to understand their human rights.
  • Research, analyse and identify the underlying causes of the problems encountered by women and children so that appropriate solutions can be found.
  • Advocate in favour of women and children before influential groups, political leaders and bilateral and multilateral agencies.



  • Equality : Women’s equality ensures a more peaceful and prosperous society for women, men and children. Inequality in communities and families breeds exclusion and can lead to violence.
  • Commitment : Haguruka staff and members and partners are committed to the values and success of the organization.
  • Confidentiality : We ensure that information is kept private and is only accessible to those who are authorized to have access.
  • Cooperation : We work together to achieve shared goals.
  • Partnership : We collaborate with organisations passionate about defending the rights of women and children. 
  • Support : We support citizens to claim their rights.
  • Respect :
    We recognise that women are equally capable of making the best decisions for their family.
    We admire and value every client/citizen we serve and will show them respect at every interaction.