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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A society where the rights of women and children are respected; where women and children live free from violence and discrimination so that they can reach their full potential.

Our Mission

We promote and defend the rights of women and children.

Our Values

Equality: Gender equality ensures a more peaceful and prosperous society for women and men, girls and boys.

Empowerment: We empower citizens to claim their rights.

Confidentiality: We ensure that the information you provide is kept confidential and is only accessible to those who are authorized to have access.

Accountability: We are accountable to the citizens and communities we serve, our partners and stakeholders.

Partnership: We collaborate with organizations that promote and defend human rights.

Advocacy: The movement towards gender equality requires social change. We are committed to identifying barriers to gender equality and advocating for change.

Respect: We value every citizen we serve and respect all rights-holders equally in our work and interactions.