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Vision and Mission


Contributing to the creation of society where children, women and men’s rights are equal and respected for a sustainable development.


Promotion and protection of women and children’s rights  using international and national legal frameworks and policies.


  • Promoting equal rights and duties for both genders in the economic, judicial, social-cultural and political fields according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), international conventions and pacts ratified by Rwanda, and Rwandan legislation;
  • Promoting the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC);
  • Actively working to eradicate of all forms of discrimination against women;
  • Supporting activities which help women become aware of their rights, duties and of their role in society;
  • Researching, analyzing and identifying the underlying causes of the problems encountered by women and children so that appropriate solutions can be found.
  • Advocating in favor of women and children before influential groups, political leaders and bilateral and multilateral agencies.


  • Commitment : Haguruka staff and members and partners are committed to the values and success of the organization.
  • Confidentiality : Confidentiality is the ethical principle of ensuring that information is kept private and is only accessible to those who are authorized to have access
  • Cooperation : Cooperation is the process of working together to achieve shared goals and Haguruka believes in that one
  • Democratic Leadership :Haguruka promotes participative leadership to ensure that members and partners are involved in decision making processes
  • Ethical Accountability : Haguruka strives to improve organizational performance by developing and promoting responsible tools and professional expertise
  • Partnership : Partnership is a deliberate collaboration with actors similarly motivated to combat issues relevant to Haguruka’s mission and vision. 
  • Volunteerism : The willingness of people to work on behalf of others without the motivation of financial gain is a central tenet of Haguruka’s sustainability