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September 30, 2021

Quarterly review: promoting peace project: managing and mitigating intra-household property rights disputes in rwanda

On 29-30 September 2015, Haguruka NGO, in collaboration with LANDESA and Search For Common Ground (SFCG), conducted a Quarterly Review and Planning Meeting of the project entitled “Promoting Peace: Managing and Mitigating Intra-Household Property Rights Disputes in Rwanda”.
 This project is is being implemented in Kayonza and Nyagatre in Eastern Province of Rwanda.

In accordance with the work plan of the project, a review meeting is held every quarter to review the achievements of the CRPs (the Community Resource Persons) within the 26 sectors of Kayonza and Nyagatare Districts, where the project is being implemented. This meeting is also used to plan for the next quarter.

The meeting was attended by a delegation from USAID (composed by Gloria Jean Garland (Office Director), Joseph Rurangwa (Governance specialist), Dieudonné Kalinganire (Program Assistant) and Amber Lucero Dwyer (Senior Outreach and Communication Officer)).The meeting was led by the Haguruka National Executive Secretary who, together with the delegation, made a field visit to Ruramira Sector, Kayoza District where they heard testimonies from some beneficiaries of the project.



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