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October 7, 2021

Haguruka hosts a breakfast dialogue on ‘Women Participation in Decision-making Positions’

Haguruka in partnership with Trocaire convened various stakeholders from national and international CSOs as well as government agencies, in a breakfast dialogue on: “Women Participation in decision-making at the local level.” 
This event was in regard to the upcoming local government elections. It aimed to provide a platform for participants to share innovative ideas and strategies to encourage and empower women to campaign for decision-making positions in the national elections at the village, cell, sector and district levels. 

Discussions hinged on the research findings that Haguruka and Trocaire conducted, namely: “Factors leading to under representation of women in decision making positions at the local level.” 

Among these factors included: heavy household responsibilities, lack of husband support, job location, and limited self-confidence, among others. Participants thus explored and discussed what can be done to enhance women participation and effectiveness in leadership positions. 

The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Prof. Bayisenge Jeanette, who was the guest of honor, emphasized on the importance of engaging men and boys as positive partners in empowering and encouraging women to campaign for decision-making positions.

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