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January 29, 2023

‘My sister tried to steal my land but Haguruka intervened’- Nikuze’s story

Eline Mukakayumba and Athanasie Nikuze are sisters. When Nikuze bought two plots of land, she entrusted her sister with the responsibility of registering them on her behalf.

But instead of registering the land in her sister’s names, Nikuze, who was the rightful owner, Mukakayumba registered the plots under her names, thereby, deceitfully assuming their ownership. She conspired with her husband to betray her own sister.

In order to conceal her wrong deed, Mukakayumba never presented her sister with the land titles of the said property.

The land was fully in possession of her hands that even when her sister learnt of the fraud, she still claimed her stand leaving Nikuze in confusion of how she was going to overcome that.

One day Nikuze decided to confront her sister to give her back her property. This caused serious turmoil, because much as Mukakayumba knew the truth, she insisted on the property and refused to hand it back to her sister.

Mukakayumba chose to file a claim to Abunzi Commettee, alleging that Nikuze wanted to deprive her of the rights of the two plots of lands yet she was the rightful owner.

The Abunzi both at cell and sector level, decided that the real owner of these plots was Mukakayumba.

Nikuze was obviously not satisfied with this decision and with the help of Haguruka, she lodged a claim to court.

The court, based on the statements of various witnesses, nullified the decision of Abunzi, and ordered to register those two plots of land under the names of Athanasie Nikuze. She got victory at last and gained back her property.

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