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March 28, 2023

How Lambert and Chantal escaped violence, drunkenness and a life of disputes

Lambert and Chantal are among the many other couples who long for a happy marriage. Despite their efforts for peace and a strong marriage, their union kept falling short of happiness; instead of bonding, they would argue even over the littlest of matters.

One of their biggest challenges, as the couple came to share, was drug abuse and money management in the home.

Lambert used to spend all his money on alcohol and would he would then come home to physically and emotionally abuse his wife. This pushed the wife to also do the same. She started spending her money on alcohol, getting drunk and fighting with her husband.

Home wasn’t home any more. Neither security nor joy was present and this affected everyone especially children.

The kids suffered from hunger as their parents used all the money for alcohol consumption and getting back at each other.

Their hope for restoration came when they participated in the community dialogues on GBV prevention conducted by Haguruka in Kinyinya sector.

During these dialogues, couples, families and communities are equipped with knowledge on the relevance of keeping peaceful families, the harm that comes with issues such as conflicts in the home among others.

After attending these dialogues, Lambert and Chantal transformed into different people. Better people. They transformed entirely and became better partners and parents.

During these dialogues, they were taught about human rights and understood that gender based violence is a grave offence that has legal consequences. From them on, they both decided to refrain from violence, drunkenness and a life of disputes.

The couple is now living peacefully and using their income to take care of their children and for the overall welfare of the family.


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