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March 28, 2023

“I owned my mistakes” – Jean Pierre’s story of transformation

It’s not a common thing for a man to initiate the reconciliation of a marriage especially when they were the ones in the wrong.

Jean Pierre is a different case, and much as his actions towards his marriage, and especially towards his wife, almost broke their family, he understood his mistakes and sought forgiveness.

They had started off with a happy marriage till he went into extra marital affairs with other women. In addition to adultery, he was abusing the wife and sough total control of the family’s property.

“My relationship with my wife was nearly ending. I had left her for a mistress who I had impregnated. I spent all my money on the mistress including selling our family’s livestock to give to her. Whenever my wife confronted me about it, I would deny it and use that as an excuse to be even more distant,” he said.

Fortunately, Haguruka invited them to attend couples’ dialogues on gender based violence. From this setting, Jean Pierre said his eyes were opened and saw everything from another light. He said he recognised his mistakes and had to apologise to his wife and seek reconciliation.

“The dialogues totally changed my mind-set. I learnt that my wife and I have equal rights to the family’s property and in decision-making. I owned my mistakes and apologised to my wife and luckily, she forgave me. We are now building our house together and determined to build an even stronger marriage.


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