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March 28, 2023

Uwiringiyimana is a happy mother for defending the rights of her child

Constantine Uwiringiyimana was in a relationship with a man she thought she had a future with. Things never went as planned and eventually they had to go separate ways.

Unfortunately, by the time they separated, the couple had a child together. Since they were not legally married, Uwiringiyimana had trouble getting the man to accept responsibility.

He denied responsibility, never accepted the child as the father and never offered any support to her or the child in any way.

Uwiringiyimana decided to take her case to court in order to fight for the rights of her child. The court ordered for DNA examination to prove that the child is indeed for the man she claimed to be his father.

Sadly, Uwiringiyimana didn’t have the economic means to afford the cost of a DNA.

During one of the mobile legal aid clinics that Haguruka carries out in different parts of the country, she was lucky to be among the right holders that were to be attended to.

She hence explained her case and Haguruka took the responsibility of incurring her DNA cost, but when the man was summoned to go to Rwanda Forensic Laboratory for the examination, he immediately accepted responsibility and registered the child. He also made a commitment to pay a monthly alimony of 30, 000 Rwf in favour of the child and the case was closed amicably.

“I really appreciate the services offered by Haguruka. Thanks to them, I was able to fight for my child’s rights,” Expressed Uwiringiyimana.

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