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April 7, 2023

Murekatete and Minani- How their family was restored after five years of disputes

Ruth Murekatete is a resident of Kageyo sector in Gicumbi District. She has been married to her husband, Jean Claude Minani, for close to five years. Her husband was a very caring man; he was considerate and understanding, traits that attracted her to marry him in the first place.

Unfortunately, when things ‘turned’ for them as a couple, they changed in ways she never expected. For Murekatete, she understood couples could have misunderstandings between them, what she didn’t expect was that any parent would need to be forced to take care of their family, especially when it comes to their children.

But when they had children with her husband, she was shocked that her husband barely took care of them.

“In all those years we have been married; my husband did not provide health insurance for the children. He never even provided for the household needs,” she says.

Due to that, they lived in conflict till Murekatete decided to take her husband to different local authorities.

The local authorities tried to do mediation for them as a couple but unfortunately, it didn’t work. Despite the efforts, they continued to live in unhappiness.

One day, she learnt about Haguruka and the services they offer, including settling family disputes. She then approached Haguruka’s legal office, which in turn carried out mediation for them.  The efforts didn’t take long to bear fruits. Murekatete says her husband finally agreed to assume his responsibility in the home.

“Claude immediately agreed to assume responsibility. He accepted to provide for the family; he said he was going to buy school supplies for the children including shoes, notebooks and pens. He also said he was to pay for the health insurance- Mutuelle de Santé,” she says.

Thanks to Haguruka’s efforts, Murekatete and Minani’s home is now peaceful with each assuming their responsibility as required.


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