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April 7, 2023

One woman’s toil for child care support

Jeanette Uwingeye, a mother of two approached Haguruka in April 2022 seeking for help. Uwingeye gave birth towards the end of in 2021, but the father of her child never wanted anything to do with the child right from the start.

When she approached Haguruka, Uwingeye was received well by a paralegal who helped her with filing a case and all the court proceedings necessary. Among the requirements, there was need for DNA testing as the court had required it for proof that indeed the man in question was the father of Uwingeye’s child.

The man, as in most cases, was not on board with all this, seeing that Haguruka tried to talk to him for matters to be settled amicably but he claimed he was not going to admit to a kid that is not his. He further claimed the mother of the kid tried to get rid of the child so he felt pity and admitted in front of the local authorities that the child was his but that he was not admit it to Haguruka.

The DNA test was later on done and came back positive with 99.9%; there was no doubt of parenthood between him and the mother. The Primary Court of Busasamana ruled the case saying that he was with no doubt the father of the child and that he was to pay child support of Rwf30,000 every month and Rwf 50,000 as fine to Uwingeneye.

Uwingeye and her child finally received the justice they deserved, thanks to Haguruka’s support.

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