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July 12, 2023

Born out of rape, Uwumugisha’s tale is one of grief and an estranged father

Esther Uwumugisha was born on 19/06/2011. Her mother Jacqueline Nyiransabimana gave birth to her when she was not married and was staying with her mother Josephine Kamondo, but later she passed away on 29/01/2019 succumbing to sickness.

Uwumugisha was then raised by her grandmother whom she still stays with to date. Kamondo says her daughter told her that she was impregnated by Fabrice Tuyisenge who raped her when she had gone to the bush to get feeding grass for cattle. According to her, her daughter told her that the man stopped her from aborting the child and promised to take good care of her and the baby.

“However, he later changed his mind and never helped her. He never kept his promises and even denied being the father of the child,” according to Kamondo.

Kamondo sought help from Haguruka to help her look for the father of the child. Haguruka filed the case on behalf of the child.

The court ordered that the tests of the child and the defendant be taken. The DNA tests showed that there was no doubt that Fabrice Tuyisenge was the father of Uwumugisha Esther.

The hearing was resumed on 03/04/2023 and the judgment read on 26/04/2023. The court decided that Fabrice is Esther’s father, and that he was to register her in the register of births, give Kamondo 10,000 Rwf every month for child care support until Esther is 18 years old. Tuyisenge was also told to pay for her school fees, health insurance, clothing, and repay Haguruka 178,023 Rwf for DNA testing and 500,000 Rwf for the lawyer’s services.

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