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Implementing CSE in faith based schools

Implementing Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) For Young Adolescents in Faith Based Schools in Rwanda

Studies have shown that teen pregnancies are still a pervasive issue in Rwanda society. The Ministry of Health reported that in 2018 there were more than 19,000 unplanned teen pregnancies. Among the main reasons for this, is the lack of knowledge on SRHR issues, and access to relevant SRHR services. In 2019, the Biomedical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research published a study that stated 25% of girls aged 15-19 in Rwanda had their first sexual experience before the age of 15. It also revealed that nearly half of the young women in Rwanda who have STI’s have not sought out medical treatment for them because of either a lack of education on their rights, the social stigma, not knowing where to seek said treatment, and associated costs.

Our Goal

Through this project, we aim to improve the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) outcomes of In-school adolescents (aged 10-24) in Faith-based school settings in Rwanda through increased access to high quality, Language and age-appropriate, and gender transformative SRH&R education and services.

Our Approach
  • Use radio shows, and radio listening clubs to promote sexual and reproductive health (SRH) dialogue among in-school adolescents and young people.
  • Training of In-Service Teachers in Faith-based schools on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).
  • Conducting dialogues in listener clubs
  • Training of Trainers of Religious Leaders that own/head faith-based schools on CSE and SRH&R services for Adolescents and young people.
  • Round-table discussion on the implementation of CSE in Faith-based Schools in Rwanda.
  • Advocate and empower the clergy (Religious Leaders of Rwanda) to uphold and enshrine the implementation of CSE.

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