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Public Policy Information Monitoring & Advocacy (PPIMA)

Public Policy Information Monitoring & Advocacy (PPIMA)

After the 1994 genocide against Tutsis, the government of Rwanda encountered immense challenges in all spheres of life, mostly the puzzle of justice delivery to victims of the genocide and other societal malpractices /injustices that existed in the community. The leadership embarked on the delivery of justice using a community-based justice approach rooted in Rwanda’s historical model of conflict resolution known as “Gacaca courts”. It was used as an unconventional way of addressing justice demand by victims of genocide. Apart from Gacaca, the government, CSOs, and FBOs established a number of conflict resolution mechanisms that are community-based to facilitate parties in conflict to resolve their differences amicably without resorting to courts. This project is being implemented to remedy the gaps identified during ADR assessment we conducted, while being responsive to beneficiaries’ needs to ensure satisfaction and ownership intended to promote citizen-centered governance and service delivery respectively.

Our Goal

Through this project, we aim to bridge the capacity gap of Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) community-based structures on laws, gender equality and inclusion and mediation for effective delivery of their mandate.

Our Approach
  • Training PPIMA partners on Policy analysis and Organizational issues, gender equality and inclusion, laws and mediation
  • Development of training modules on gender equality and inclusion, mediation, and laws
  • Conducting reflection meetings with PPIMA partners who will be part and parcel in the implementation of the project will be conducted
  • Conducting cross-learning events between partners, government institutions and CSOs to share experience and technical know-how.
  • Organizing meetings at the district level with all ADR community structures involved to share information and experience on implementation progress, success stories, and challenges.
  • Raising awareness on ADR via radio talk shows

Our Partners