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March 12, 2023

Dumped after her wedding but managed to claim her rights

When Alphonsine got married to the love of her life, what transpired after was something she never expected.

Shortly after their wedding, she got pregnant. This normally should have been great news for any couple, but what happened was that her husband left her.

Without a source of income, she was afraid of how she was going to sustain her and their unborn child.

She was stranded because her husband was the bread winner of the home and now that he was gone, she didn’t know how to move forward. But as the couple had signed a mutual agreement that they would share everything, Alphonsine sought help from the authorities, specifically cell leaders to get her share of what they co-owned with her husband.

What the authorities did was to order the husband to provide financial support. This did not yield any results as the man did nothing about it.

Later, she heard about Haguruka from a friend. That’s when Alphonsine went to Haguruka to seek for concrete help. This is how she recounts her experience: “As soon as I walked in Haguruka’s offices, I was attended to. I was offered legal aid and I was able to claim my rights. I now receive Rwf 15,000 of child support monthly. I am beyond grateful to Haguruka for helping me.”

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