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July 12, 2023

“Empowered to champion for peaceful homes” – Akayezu and Muyizere

Akayezu and  Muyizere are a different couple. Their home is one that many long for. Much as they don’t live perfect lives, they attest to living peaceful and happily as a couple.

They share that even when conflicts present themselves in their marriage, they are able to resolve them together without them causing any severe damage to them or the children.

With that, their goal has been to reach out to other families and help those that seek to stabilise their homes that are affected by conflicts. However, they lacked the skills or the approach on how they could go about that.

“We have been living peacefully and happily for 10 years. All along, we had a desire to help other couples live in harmony as well, but lacked the skills and knowledge.

Through dialogues organised by Haguruka, they were able to gain all they needed to embark on their objective.

“Through these dialogues, we deepened our knowledge on GBV prevention, response and reporting pathways. Because of that, we are now more equipped to champion for peaceful homes as well as stand against GBV in our community.

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