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July 13, 2023

Family feud: A daughter and in-law’s fight over property

Two parties, Leoncie Uwamahoro and Florence Kampire were fighting over property consisting of a house and the land on which it is built.

When they went to court for the first time, the court ruled in defence of Kampire declaring her the rightful owner of the property. But on 24 December 2020, after the Honorable President of the Supreme Court saw the report made by the Office of the Ombudsman, he saw it as an injustice for Uwamahoro and ruled for it to be repeated on grounds of injustice.

He then ordered for the Supreme Court, the Rusizi Chamber, to review the case.

Uwamahoro, represented by her mother, Clemence Mukamihigo, said the property belonged to her father Deogratias Muyango who passed away and that this property was given to her grandmother Nyirahene.

In defence, Florence was also saying that the property belonged to her husband JMV Nzigira who passed away and left it for her, and that it was given to him by her mother Mukandoli (who is the mother of Muyango and daughter of Nyirahene).

The trial took place on 21/03/2023, and the reading of the judgment took place on 15/05/2023. The court ruled that the disputed land belongs to the heirs of Deogratias Muyango (Leoncie Uwamahoro), and that the property deed written to Florence Kampire be annulled, and Kampire was to refund Uwamahoro Leoncie 500,000 Rwf of attorney fees.



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