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June 8, 2023

How Haguruka advocated for a woman with mental disability after suffering abuse

Yvonne (not her real name), our right holder with mental disability was sexually abused and impregnated by her psychiatrist.

As soon as the psychiatrist learnt that she was pregnant, he knew he was in trouble. He escaped and was nowhere to be found.

The victim’s family reached out to Haguruka in order to seek for justice. They were given a lawyer to help them follow up on the case.

The first thing the lawyer did was to advocate for Yvonne, to obtain a legal and safe abortion. This was successfully done in June 2021 at Kacyiru Hospital. Haguruka’s lawyer then followed the case with RIB in order to hunt for the perpetrator, find them and bring them to justice.

RIB was then able to track his mobile phone and found out he was in Rusizi district and later passed an announcement in the local media on June 26th 2021, to find the perpetrator.



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