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March 28, 2023

Turning the Tide: A Success Story of Resilience and Justice

At the close of 2017, Mukarukundo, born in 2002 and residing in Gateke Village, Cyeya Cell, Rukomo Sector, Gicumbi District, worked as a house help.

Within a year of working in her employer’s home, Mukarukundo endured sexual assault from her employer, resulting in pregnancy. Upon learning of her pregnancy, her employer expelled her from his household, yet pledged to provide support while she stayed with her parents.

On April 6, 2019, Mukarukundo gave birth to a baby girl. “Following the birth, I contacted him requesting registration of the child in the civil status book and financial assistance for raising her,” she recounts. “He dismissed my pleas, citing my financial limitations and threatening legal action if I pursued the matter.”

Faced with despair and uncertainty about her child’s future, Mukarukundo’s situation changed in June 2022 when the village administration called upon individuals in need of legal aid to convene at Cyeya Cell to meet with Haguruka for assistance.

“I presented my case to Haguruka, and upon hearing my plight, they intervened by contacting the man and questioning his refusal to register the child or provide support,” she explains. “Initially denying paternity, he relented after Haguruka hinted at legal action and a DNA test. Within days of Haguruka’s involvement, he acknowledged paternity and agreed to register the child in the civil status book.”

Though his compliance was initially sporadic, Mukarukundo credits Haguruka’s unwavering support for ensuring her child’s rights. “Thanks to Haguruka, my daughter is now registered, and he has commenced financial support for her education and daily needs,” she says gratefully. “After three years of darkness, Haguruka has restored hope and joy to my life. I’m immensely grateful for their intervention.”








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