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June 8, 2023

Josephine’s Journey to Justice with Haguruka’s Support

It has been 12 years since Josephine Mukabasomingera embarked on her journey for justice for her child, who was born out of wedlock. In 2010, she formed a close bond with a friend, which eventually blossomed into love, leading them to enter a relationship. They chose to live together as partners, despite lacking legal marriage vows.

As their relationship progressed, Mukabasomingera became pregnant and welcomed a baby boy into the world nine months later. However, the father of the child began behaving unexpectedly.

“He refused to acknowledge our child officially or provide any financial support. Despite my efforts to resolve the matter with village leaders at the cell level, he persisted in denying our child,” she recounts.

Feeling distraught, Mukabasomingera struggled to comprehend how someone she had shared her life with could treat her and their child this way.

“I felt overwhelmed by depression, constantly questioning how my child would ever receive the care and recognition he deserved from both parents,” she recalls.

It was during this trying time that Mukabasomingera learned about Haguruka and its commitment to providing legal assistance to women and children in need.

Seeking support, she approached Haguruka and detailed her situation. With their intervention, mediation was attempted, yet the father continued to deny paternity. Consequently, they opted to pursue legal action against him.

However, before the pre-trial meeting, he had a change of heart and acknowledged paternity. He registered their child in the civil status book and committed to providing financial support.

This resolution marked a turning point for Mukabasomingera and her child, ensuring the recognition and support they rightfully deserved.

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